Who's Your Dream Justin Trudeau?

"A match made in Parliament!"

Cartoon Justin Trudeau lounging sexily

Who's Your Dream Justin Trudeau?

Cartoon Justin Trudeau lounging sexily

Question One

How invested in politics are you?

Question Two

What's your idea of the perfect date?

Question Three

What's the number one quality you look for in a partner?

Question Four

How would you describe your relationship with your father?

Question Five

What’s your favourite thing about Canada?

Question Six

What do you wear on a first date?

You got...

Feminist Justin Trudeau. A picture of Justin Trudeau in deep thought with feminist symbols surroundhing him

To you, there’s nothing sexier than someone who stands up for what they believe in, even when it’s not the most popular opinion. That’s why Feminist Justin is right for you! Justin’s arguments for women’s rights are as tight as his abs probably are. He doesn’t shy away from using the f-word, stating that “men and women should be free to call themselves feminists whenever they want”. That kind of bold self-assurance and commitment to principles jives well with your left-leaning ideologies, and your spirited debates would last alllll niiight looooong.

You got...

Frat Boy Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau cheering in a hockey jersey, eating snacks with a bud

You don't get to be Prime Minister without a bit of a competitive streak and an unhealthy dose of confidence. His hot-headedness will keep you on your toes whether you're facing off on the ice OR between the sheets. He loves a good time and always has a party trick up his sleeve - if you consider falling down a flight of stairs a party trick. He can't cook anything more complicated than Kraft Dinner and you'll spend a lot of time surrounded by dirty laundry, but at the end of the day there's never a dull moment with Frat Boy Justin.

You got...

Bad Boy Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau shirtless, holding up fists in a boxing stance

Tough, dreamy, and out of control, Bad Boy Justin never backs down from a fight. In a boxing match organized by their mutual hairdresser, Justin went toe to toe with conservative senator Patrick Brazeau, for no real reason other than to prove that he could clean up both on AND off the senate floor. He’s had a puff or two of Mary Jane, and makes no apologies - and soon, no one else will have to either, now that he’s pushing to legalize marijuana in Canada. Just like you, he’s a fearless, adventurous spirit, who’s not afraid to bend the rules now and then. You’ll have a blast painting the town red for the rest of your lives together… in Ottawa.

You got...

Rock Star Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau wearing sunglasses, sitting on top of a Mercedes

When Justin Trudeau got elected as Prime Minister, the whole world went crazy... and so did you!!! You've never shied away from the limelight, and love the kind of glamorous, high profile lifestyle Rockstar Justin could give you. You'd have no qualms about posing for selfies with thousands of Justin's adoring fans at the next G20 summit, and living with a full service staff at 21 Sussex wouldn't be bad either. You'd have no fears introducing Rockstar Justin to your parents - he's a smooth talker who always knows exactly what to say, and when to say it. With Rockstar Justin, the world's a stage, and you love to be the star.

You got...

Relatable Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau dressed as Han Solo, trick or treating with his wife and kids

Sure he’s the Prime Minister of Canada, and his dream-boat status means there are cameras following him everywhere, but Justin Trudeau doesn’t let it go to his head. After a long day of high-profile speeches and document-signing, you and Relatable Justin can wind down and put on a movie at 21 Sussex or take a stroll to warm your hands at the Eternal Flame at Parliament, sharing a Beavertail. You love Justin’s easy-going, family-man side. He’s not afraid to get goofy and dress up with the kids on Halloween. He may be Canada's golden boy, but you’re the only one who sees how goddamn average he is underneath it all.

You got...

Evil Justin. A picture of Justins face with a goatee and a stick figure body wearing a cape

You didn't complete the quiz! You get Evil Justin... ew :(